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Rick A, here ya go! Three photos of the cabin. The sleeping space is about 7′ long; feet go under the bridge deck.  The rough bare wood on the forward bulkhead are foot rests for leaning over the bulkhead to reach the anchor. The black circle is an airtight bucket lid hatch to a flotation chamber


The boat is packed up, rather haphazardly, with all (I hope) the stuff I need to finish and make the trip. Except clothes. That I will do tonight. Trailer is attached to the car for the first time. Will test tomorrow when we leave for Texas…  🙂

Un Abrazo,


Addendum-Its Official!

I am not sure that my granddaughter, D’Arcy likes the fact I have named my boat after her. But it is done. Hopefully she will get over it! 🙂


Got the oil and filter changed in the tow car (2000 Mercury Sable, 80,000mi). Gave the boat a short bath; looks like rain all the way to Texas anyway!

Tomorrow is find and pack day. Wonder what essential thing I will leave behind?

Un Abrazo,







Not going to make it today…

Three new things here. The orange bungee is for VHF, GPS, Dry bag tethers. Easy to slide side to side and capsize proof. The compass. Also at the forward cabin bulkhead, I put in two foot-steps so I can comfortably hang over the bow to reach the anchor and lines.



Lee board while towing. Note board in slot as backup for the bungee. It won’t let the board fall. There will be a way to hold the board in the slot.



Trailer has a new guide/bunk with guide pole for re-loading on the trailer. There is another, shorter one, under the leeboard on the other side to match.



Some photos of the boat out of the shed…



Going back out after lunch for more. Need some touch up painting, but that may wait for Texas. Have to find and pack all my sailing gear and clothes (that’s going to be a real challenge!). Change the oil in the car. Etc, Etc.

Un Abrazo,


Last Minute Stuff

Boomkin is installed.



Lashing for storage and cooler installed.


Also got new Trailer light bar made and wired. Will test tomorrow. Got 2nd coat of Cetol on sliding hatch and some foot rests to enable me to stand high enough to lean over the forward cabin bulkhead and reach the anchor and cleat.

Un Abrazo,



My 4Hp outboard twin cylinder runs for the first time (in my possession at least).


It took a while to start, but I think I have a good idea now of what to do. I will do it again tomorrow to make sure, and even tuesday if needed.




I also got going on finishing the hatches; more support screws for the aluminium rails and paint and Cetol work. No photos though.

Un Abrazo,


Port lights!

Not sure how this is supposed to be done, but here is how I did it and it worked well enough. I taped my pattern board and both port lights together. I used a carbide bit without the aggressive fluted tip in my Harbor Freight drill press.


A Couple of boards gave support and a backing for the bottom piece for the bit to cut into. RPM at about 1000 and it seemed that I could have gone down to 850, but it was working, so I continued. I did get some minor breakout from the bottom plastic; either the board was too soft, or I was not holding it down tightly enough. But in any case it was minor and I used that side against the cabin side.IMG_20160528_103534454


One of the port lights. Grey tint.



Since the pattern was not perfectly symmetrical (and therefore neither were the holes), I carefully matched up the possibilities and taped each port light to the cabin and marked the holes. The SS screws I used were number 6’s and I drilled 1/4″ holes to allow for expansion. Also careful labeling as I can mirror image with the best of them!


A quick look at how it might look when done. I worry that they are too large for the cabin.IMG_20160528_112557659


Having traced around the plastic before removing it, I then used the marks for masking off to keep the 795 glazing compound under control.IMG_20160528_130638169



I was obviously going to need help for this procedure, so I set up an indoor and outdoor parts bin for each of us. Each of the 32 holes requires 6 pieces of hardware! Only five shown here as I superglued the washer between the cabin and plastic to the plastic before hand. Imagine trying to get those in while dodging the compound and curvature of the cabin side!




Here is helper Willie Anderson, brother in law, admiring his inside work from the outside! He did a good job…


Another shot of results…IMG_20160528_175619491_HDR



A Final shot without Willie messing up the photo! 🙂


I was really dreading this as so much can go wrong with a new (to me) task. But it went well enough; not a neat as I would have liked, but acceptable.

Tomorrow the boomkin pieces, some trailer bunks/guides, and maybe a new trailer light bar for hanging on the stern, Also have to change the oil/filter in the car and pull the #4 cylinder spark plug to check for fouling. Loose mount bolt for the spark coil had it missing for a good while before it threw a code so I could identify which of the six cylinders was at fault.

Plus other stuff, of course!

Un Abrazo,


3 Days (well, maybe 4…)

The ellipse pattern the Acrylic was cut to showing the bolt spacing; 16 each side. Also, I cannot find the SS 2 x 4 bracket for the boomkin, so I had to whip up another in aluminum.



Ballast boxes closed up and the new cooler and storage boxes trial fitted. This is not the final arrangement I envisioned, but it will do for this trip. Also a removable step-up board for exiting/entering the cabin more comfortably.



Cockpit drains after sanding and painting quickly…



The footwell cover is done! Looks good and at 1/2″ is firm to walk on. Note boomkin poking through the transom into the cockpit. Need to install the bracket for it…


Another view…IMG_20160527_164853895


And here is how it is held down. Not too elaborate, but it will do. Feels firm enough for 65 MPH travel and water will just hold it down tighter.IMG_20160527_165011586

Boy, it is getting really tight. Thank goodness Chuck will finish it up for me when I get there!  🙂

Un Abrazo,





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