3 Days (well, maybe 4…)

The ellipse pattern the Acrylic was cut to showing the bolt spacing; 16 each side. Also, I cannot find the SS 2 x 4 bracket for the boomkin, so I had to whip up another in aluminum.



Ballast boxes closed up and the new cooler and storage boxes trial fitted. This is not the final arrangement I envisioned, but it will do for this trip. Also a removable step-up board for exiting/entering the cabin more comfortably.



Cockpit drains after sanding and painting quickly…



The footwell cover is done! Looks good and at 1/2″ is firm to walk on. Note boomkin poking through the transom into the cockpit. Need to install the bracket for it…


Another view…IMG_20160527_164853895


And here is how it is held down. Not too elaborate, but it will do. Feels firm enough for 65 MPH travel and water will just hold it down tighter.IMG_20160527_165011586

Boy, it is getting really tight. Thank goodness Chuck will finish it up for me when I get there!  🙂

Un Abrazo,






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