Six Days…

Oh look! There is a little tomato down there!



I got the cabin interior painted the light blue. Added another coat to the bilge Panels and floor with anti-slip powder. Next I have to fixate the 200# of ballast in there…




I cut four 2″ holes in the sides or the cockpit. With the rings epoxied in place the holes are 1 5/8″  diameter. Should drain a flooded cockpit well enough without  sucking out the GPS, bailing sponge, sunblock lotion, VHF radio, etc, etc…




Two shots of the final cockpit trim, all with 3 coats of Cetol.IMG_20160525_174021740

I think it works. Even my wife, Rebecca says it is the prettiest boat I have ever built!IMG_20160525_174050402_HDR


Footwell cover hatch with anti-slip coat and masked off for Cetol trim paint. One coat so far.




Its official! Registered for the next three years. 


Also need to start on the windows and ballast. 

Un abrazo,



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