Ballast and boomkin hole

Ballast box ends epoxied and screwed on and curing…


Another view of the starboard box; less confusing.IMG_20160526_133355074


Each side got a 50# elevator test weight to start with.



Then I weighed out 50# of lead/babbitt; two lots.



Positioned the lead.


Another view of port box with ballast.IMG_20160526_181816640


Surrounded by 2×4’s; These are held in place by numerous 3″ deck screws. Not going anywhere.


But just in case, the box is topped off with 1/2″ ply and numerous screws on three edges. 

Also, let me say that D’Arcy Bryn has not been completed as designed by Jim Michalak. I know he worries about this kind of stuff, and I want to make it clear that the ballast is NOT WHERE it was designed to be, and therefore the boat is NOT self righting as designed. I do plan on changing the ballast to the plan, later, but in order to do the Texas 200 2016, I had to compromise. I have no doubt that she will self rescue (and easily I am sure) but do not claim she is self righting. That will come…


I managed to get the boomkin hole/slot rough cut out; “rough” being the proper word! Pretty sloppy, but totally functional.


Cockpit view of boomkin slot.IMG_20160526_195247037

Un Abrazo,




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