Ballast and boomkin hole

Ballast box ends epoxied and screwed on and curing…


Another view of the starboard box; less confusing.IMG_20160526_133355074


Each side got a 50# elevator test weight to start with.



Then I weighed out 50# of lead/babbitt; two lots.



Positioned the lead.


Another view of port box with ballast.IMG_20160526_181816640


Surrounded by 2×4’s; These are held in place by numerous 3″ deck screws. Not going anywhere.


But just in case, the box is topped off with 1/2″ ply and numerous screws on three edges. 

Also, let me say that D’Arcy Bryn has not been completed as designed by Jim Michalak. I know he worries about this kind of stuff, and I want to make it clear that the ballast is NOT WHERE it was designed to be, and therefore the boat is NOT self righting as designed. I do plan on changing the ballast to the plan, later, but in order to do the Texas 200 2016, I had to compromise. I have no doubt that she will self rescue (and easily I am sure) but do not claim she is self righting. That will come…


I managed to get the boomkin hole/slot rough cut out; “rough” being the proper word! Pretty sloppy, but totally functional.


Cockpit view of boomkin slot.IMG_20160526_195247037

Un Abrazo,




Six Days…

Oh look! There is a little tomato down there!



I got the cabin interior painted the light blue. Added another coat to the bilge Panels and floor with anti-slip powder. Next I have to fixate the 200# of ballast in there…




I cut four 2″ holes in the sides or the cockpit. With the rings epoxied in place the holes are 1 5/8″  diameter. Should drain a flooded cockpit well enough without  sucking out the GPS, bailing sponge, sunblock lotion, VHF radio, etc, etc…




Two shots of the final cockpit trim, all with 3 coats of Cetol.IMG_20160525_174021740

I think it works. Even my wife, Rebecca says it is the prettiest boat I have ever built!IMG_20160525_174050402_HDR


Footwell cover hatch with anti-slip coat and masked off for Cetol trim paint. One coat so far.




Its official! Registered for the next three years. 


Also need to start on the windows and ballast. 

Un abrazo,


I have a week before I leave…

All closed up; well no sliding hatches on (made and tested though). The footwell cover fits. I got it shaped and sanded today and 2 coats of light blue on it. No photo…



I got the cabin bow trim installed as well as the blue strips down the hatch rails. That is for support of the aluminum slides on the aft hatch so it can take some weight.


Here is the starboard side.IMG_20160524_180551899_HDR-001


The cap strips on the cockpit sides now has two of three coats of Cetol.


The two major items left on my list are internal ballast installation and elliptical ports. I have the smoke gray windows ready to get mounting holes drilled for mounting; not looking forward to that job…  Oh, and I need to cut drains in the cockpit and the boomkin hole. Plus other stuff.

Then of course there in the mainmast and rigging to be done in Harper, TX. And a couple of more trailer guides.. etc, etc…

Un Abrazo,


Is that all?

I know it looks like I am not doing much, but I swear I am working all day long! Just not much to show in photos…  The winch post is done except for the extra holes for the pins. Wore out my 3/8″ bits on that 3’16” thick square tubing!  Added the “V” guide to the post for the bow and the green Astroturf padding. I think it worked out well.



Also made up the footwell cover (for bad weather/ traveling) and am letting it dry. Still have to do some shaping and painting of course. 


I removed the clamps from the starboard cockpit  cap, trimmed it down, sanded/shaped it, masked it off, repainted the light and dark blur up to the cap itself, and am letting it dry overnight. Tomorrow I will reverse mask the cap and start the Cetol process on both sides. 

Un Abrazo,


Slowly but Irregularly!

Got the third and final coat of Cetol on trim and removed tape.



Port wale cap on and shaped. Need to mask off and Cetol x 3.



Another view of Cetol trim…



Starboard wale cap glued on.



Trailer winch post 90% done. I think I will add another 3/8″ bolt to pin the post on.


Another view of same…


Un Abrazo,


Trailer winch post

Movable (to be pinned with grade 8 bolt through tongue) trailer winch post. Two positions; towing and retrieval. Still more to add, but it is a start. Also 2nd coat of Cetol on. Drawing ellipses this afternoon…


Un Abrazo,


Cetol et al…

Started the Cetol process; first coat of three…




Some accent Cetol in the cockpit as well.



These are the drop boards that close the companionway in photo above.



I started installing the caps on the cockpit coamings. Starboard side for reference…  These also serve to seal the end grain of the 1/3″ ply sides. The bilge panals are 3/8″ and the bottom 1″ ply (doubled 1/2″ ply) .



Port side glued and clamped. I will trim oversized strip tomorrow.



Shoe and I got the boat back down level on the trailer now that the lee board is installed.


Next up the ballast, trailer post and winch, and motor testing among other things!

Un Abrazo,


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