June 10th 2011 “Progress”

OK, so I didn’t get too much done today!  But it is my 64th birthday after all.   And it was mostly a Boat Building Birthday, so it was an exceptionally good one!  I had to play nice and go in to party with family for a while, and all that heat and work hit me (surly the bourbon had nothing to do with it!) and I went to bed early.

But on to the “progress” such as it was.  Jim Michalak advises that you cut out the bilge panels 1″ oversize on his designs and adjust to fit as needed.  I have never done this before on the several I have built and they have always fit just fine. But with the “V” bow on D’Arcy Bryn I thought I might compromise and did cut them out 1/4″ larger all around.  Saturday AM I will crawl under and mark the starboard bilge panel and see how close it really was.  A quick look from outside tells me Jim was pretty muck right on once again.  I will report further Saturday PM.

As you can see from this and following photos, the fit is pretty much 1/4″ over size barring a couple on small exceptions; and I might have been able to reposition the panel to correct that.

I did make the “tail” out to the full sheet length as well-allows for a lot of “twittling”.

I haven’t pulled the tips of that spoon bow in all the way yet. That 3/8″ ply resists torturing stiffly.  I may have to apply some wet and heat to persuade it to conform just right…

Thats a shadow, not a gap; though there are two short spots where I will not have to cut anything off at all.

The bilge panels are the hardest part of this whole build, though the “Barndoor” hatch I have devised for the slot-top may approach this level.  We’ll see…

Un Abrazo,



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