June 11, 2011 ; even more bilge!

I marked the inside edges of the starboard bilge panel, removed it, cut on my marks, and reinstalled it. Not as good a fit as I would have liked, but never over 1/4″ gap, so no problem.

Lets start with the worst case. This gap is 1/4″ at most, so it will cost me some extra thickened epoxy, but that is OK. Note that there is also a thickness change from 3/8″ to 1/2″.  It is not as bad as it looks. As with all my photos, you can click on them to see a larger version.


And here is as good as it gets. A nice long run of corner to corner. After looking at the original markings from Jim’s plans compared to my final marks, I think his numbers are pretty good, but if your hull has ANY twist/mis-alignment, that spoon/V bow looks like it would bite! So a little extra is probably better…


With the bow pulled in almost all the way, the 3/8″ bilge does not want to conform. The first two bulkheads have this type of space between them and the panel, about 1/2″ on this one. Twisted wire just won’t do it, even with a screw to help. See photo below.


Here you can see how hard I have tried to get that panel flat to the bulkhead.  I think I may take a measurement and see if Jim wants to add the curve to the bulkhead drawings. The panel looks nice and fair from the outside with the curve. I MAY have to do this, but maybe the method in the next photo will work.


Peeled back to show what I am trying. First on the wood, a very damp thick cloth, then a layer of plastic sheeting, then a heating pad, then a doubled over dry towel.  I am hoping that the hot wetness applied over a couple of hours will allow me to pull the bilge home.  If not, I will add a ply arc to the edge of the bulkheads as needed and use tape/fillets to bond.

I also got the port bilge spliced last night, and got it fitted and cut except for the bow where the starboard bilge needs to be wired in before I can fit this one.  It is a much better fit than the other one. Imagine that!  I will continue tomorrow.

Obligatory long shot showing the starboard bilge panel wired in from a distance.


Un Abrazo,



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