Nose Job!

Grip Wales filler pieces fitted.



4 @ 1/4″ through bolts for the cleat, and 4 more for the nose plate.



Through bolt aircraft lock nuts under grip wale. Two more exit in the anchor well. Probably won’t pull off…


Started masking and sanding for the bright finish (Cetol) accent stuff. Also final paint on leeboard mounts; when dry, I will mount the lee board and lower the boat level again. Plenty left to do. Only 11 days till my preferred departure day.

Un Abrazo,



Below, a 6″ x 24″ x 3/8 ply backing plate for the lower lee board pivot mount. Michalak shows this glued and screwed to the cabin wall which is 1/4″ ply. In an abundance of caution, I added this plate inside the cabin. The 3 star drive (T40) heads you can see are for 3″ x 1/4″ exterior construction screws; there is a 4th one behind the bulkhead at the right of the photo…



Meanwhile, the upper lee board slot calls for through bolts; there are 7 x 1/4″ carriage bolts here.


Another view…IMG_20160517_161638429-001

Washers and lock nuts under the wales with filler piece (primed).IMG_20160517_161950127-001


Below, leeboard bolted up (nut not tightened fully yet) and re-tested for proper function.




Per video below, it works as intended!

Un Abrazo,



Yesterday, the 16th. Lee board mounts are glued and screwed. Will add bolts and lag screws when cured. Major job all but done. Swing action is great; board fits well.


Un Abrazo,



Got the cross braces for the tabernacle fabricated, primed, glued and bolted up. Forgot to take photos at the end.



Also epoxy/cloth on lower lee-board pivot mount applied and curing. More stuff too, but no photos and nothing big…

Un Abrazo,


Afternoon work

Shoe came over and we tilted the boat and chocked her in position with spare trailer tires. This angle gives me about 1″ at bottom of lee board to spare. 



No, the lee board didn’t fit! I spent a couple of hours installing/uninstalling lee board and upper mount over and over till I finally got it working right. This is typical for this kind of lee board; at least for me!




Looks like I got the angle on the lower mount right to feed into the upper slot. Also note filler 3/4″ x 1″ woon piece under grip wale. This for through bolts to fasten the upper mount. Good clearance in slot to lee board for epoxy sealer and paint without binding I think…not too sloppy anyway.


Another view of same…IMG_20160514_161224529-001



Epoxied in the anchor well drains. Masking tape makes it hard to see well. After it sets up I will take another photo. Maybe you can see what I was talking about anyway…

IMG_20160514_193651166 (1)-001

Un Abrazo,


Some from yesterday and this AM

Below, drain holes for the anchor well…

IMG_20160514_094902003-001Drains from the inside…



Electrical conduit (plastic) fitting. Note inside shoulder. I will cut it off about there.


And epoxy in the drain holes to seal ply edges. Should end up about 1/8″ proud of surface. 



Lower lee board mount shaped and sanded.

IMG_20160514_095031956-001Another view of same…IMG_20160514_095049513_HDR-001


Top mount with slot cut and ready for a test fit (it won’t, never does!) as soon as I get some help to tilt the boat over on the trailer for lee board clearance.


Un Abrazo,


Lee Board Work

OK, here is where I started.

IMG_20160512_185646418 (1)-001


I set up a chalk line at the right height and a certain distance from the CL of the hull. This distance is where the inner face of the lee board will pivot. The clamped boards below show how I do it.



Below a shot of the snap line crossing the lower mount. Note string and nut used to locate where the mount is to be cut; in this case about 1/4″ outside the wale at maximum beam.



Photo showing rear string mount. Same distance from the hull CL here as at the bow. Yes, it takes some repeated fiddling to get it right, but it has to BE right! Then snap the line!



Remember that big rectangular lower mount? Here it is trimmed down. I also did some shaping of edges later, but the photos have disappeared. More later…



I never needed one of these before, but with my sliding tongue extension I will need it henceforth!


Un Abrazo,


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