Is that all?

I know it looks like I am not doing much, but I swear I am working all day long! Just not much to show in photos…  The winch post is done except for the extra holes for the pins. Wore out my 3/8″ bits on that 3’16” thick square tubing!  Added the “V” guide to the post for the bow and the green Astroturf padding. I think it worked out well.



Also made up the footwell cover (for bad weather/ traveling) and am letting it dry. Still have to do some shaping and painting of course. 


I removed the clamps from the starboard cockpit  cap, trimmed it down, sanded/shaped it, masked it off, repainted the light and dark blur up to the cap itself, and am letting it dry overnight. Tomorrow I will reverse mask the cap and start the Cetol process on both sides. 

Un Abrazo,



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