Lee Board Work

OK, here is where I started.

IMG_20160512_185646418 (1)-001


I set up a chalk line at the right height and a certain distance from the CL of the hull. This distance is where the inner face of the lee board will pivot. The clamped boards below show how I do it.



Below a shot of the snap line crossing the lower mount. Note string and nut used to locate where the mount is to be cut; in this case about 1/4″ outside the wale at maximum beam.



Photo showing rear string mount. Same distance from the hull CL here as at the bow. Yes, it takes some repeated fiddling to get it right, but it has to BE right! Then snap the line!



Remember that big rectangular lower mount? Here it is trimmed down. I also did some shaping of edges later, but the photos have disappeared. More later…



I never needed one of these before, but with my sliding tongue extension I will need it henceforth!


Un Abrazo,



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