Working on a List…

Below, I had to pay to get this made; hurt but necessary if I am to have any chance of getting this thing done on time. More about this to follow…



I got the bow tow ring bedded in and bolted down.


Inside view of above; extra pad and bolts for U ring point. Very solid…



Bow breasthook/anchor cleat pad installed. I know it looks small. but the inside/lower piece along with thickened epoxy, 5 through bolts (coming soon!) and 3 x 4″ 6oz tapes bonding under to well walls ensure a strong point!



Mizzen mast mounts epoxied in place. I was able to correct almost all the extra aft rake during final install. Note parallelism with transom…




Spent almost a hour looking for a chalk box snap line (of which I have two, one bought here in NC) without success. Tomorrow I will buy another so I can find the first two…

Once I have that datum line parallel to the CL of the hull, I can cut off excess lower mount and layout upper mount slot.



Un Abrazo,



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