More Foredeck/Tabernacle and Drains

Below, the drain tube (before trimming short) from the slot just below/behind the forward hatch . Any water that manages to blow under the lip of the sliding hatch will end up in a trough (see next photo) and be drained port and starboard by these two tubes.



Below, the dark blue tabernacle posts mounted on the cabin forward bulkhead here show the routed trough for water ingress and the tube/hole of the drain. Next photo shows the starboard side drain tube.


Starboard side drain…



Below, mock up of required additional pieces for the mast heel capture. Turns out (it was in the write up which I lost and got again later) that the heel of the mast must be pinned 1/2″ in front of the tabernacle posts in order to get the proper rake angle on the mast. So these pieces will have an 8″ bolt fore n aft through the posts, and a 1/2″ pin/bolt through the pieces and mast heel going port/starboard.


I am going to need a 3/8 bit 8″ long to bore that continuation of the original hole through the posts!

By the way, anyone who gets to see this design will be impressed with Jim Michalak’s prowess! I thought it would be good from the start, but she is surprising me as things take shape. I cannot wait to show her off, building warts and all!

Un Abrazo,



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