Fore Deck and TIller + xtras

Below, the tiller with only 1 color coat. Jim Michalak specced it at 4′, but I adder 6″ to let me sit as far forward as the footwell will comfortably allow. I can always cut it off…



Below, the tiller clamped to the headstock for testing. It actually points slightly down into the cockpit. This puts the tiller handle at a very comfortable height. That 6″ feels good; sailing 10 hours straight will tell the rest of the story!



As you can see, the tiller hits the cockpit walls. But the angle of the rudder is more than enough; I can always lift the tiller up a bit and swing more if needed, but the current angle is probably already stalled.




Below, the bow cleat anchor pieces cut. The smaller piece on top will actually go under the larger one and add strength to the overall pullout-ability of the anchor cleat. It will be bonded and bolted to the stem/wales at the bow. I will add a 3rd block below these two for even more resistance. I still have to epoxy glass cloth ( 6 or 8 oz ) on all interior walls of the anchor well seen here. Also drain holes…



Below, the fore deck glued and screwed with trim in place. Turns out I had a brain fart and used 1/2″ ply instead of 3/8 ‘ to fabricate this piece! Too late, on it goes as is…   but the trim does work well like this. It will look much better when sanded and shaped. Again, absolutely NO ply edge grain exposed on the entire boat. All are capped with solid wood.



A photo from a few days ago that slipped past my posting. After installing the bucket lid hatches with a tube of adhesive/sealant, I added eight 8-32 SS screws into the 3/8 ply edge as a mechanical hold. Good thing, as I grabbed the wrong tube of stuff and used silicone sealant only, not adhesive. But it will have to do for now. If it fails, I will redo it; any leakage should be minimal! (Famous Last Words # 341)

IMG_20160424_095019300_HDR (1)

Un Abrazo,



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