Some Actual Progress!


Below, 3/8 ply front deck cut, fit, and screwed down. This is the top of the bow flotation chamber. There will be a 5gal bucket top hatch in the bow cabin bulkhead for access and light weight storage. Plywood was slightly warped, so I am leaving it screwed down around the perimeter overnight to straighten it up. Also visible is part of the self draining anchor well. 



Turns out the transom is not straight, just like the front cabin bulkhead wasn’t! Photo below doesn’t show it a bad as it actually is. I don’t know how these things can happen, (certainly I did not make any mistakes!!) and I made it so long ago I have no idea.



That is why you can see the inset cuts to bring the gudgeons  into a parallel configuration. Everything is bolted up trial wise, and seems to be just fine.


Also above, I have since cut the center 2×4 above the top gudgion down to the level of the future tiller so it will not interfere. Another photo tomorrow…


Un Abrazo,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. (uncle) Bob Throne
    Apr 22, 2016 @ 12:06:05

    Never told anyone, but my Wanderer is 3/4″ wider on the port side .. how the hell ?! No one has ever noticed and it is of no discernible difference sailing.


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