Rainy Day Slow Progress

This may not be the best way to armor the edges of the leeboard and rudder, but it is by far the fastest and easiest way to do so. I am using masking tape to hold the 4 inch fiberglass tape in position, and V cut the edges to conform to the curves. I have applied epoxy only out to the edges of the masking tape at most. When cured, I will sand it down smooth and use glass bubbles to finish off the profile. Although I have no picture, the Tabernacle beams are now painted and finished, ready to mount to the forward bulkhead. I am also ready to mount the AFT hatch load-bearing rails at the junction of the slot top beams and the cabin tops. More to follow about this later. I hope to get more done later if the weather permits.


Below, Ridder edge armor Dry, then wetted out.



Below, Lee Board edge armored dry, then wetted out.


Time is becoming an issue, of course, and what little finesse I might have been able to apply till now is going to diminish ad nauseum. Looks like the interior will be rough and bare for this trip.

Un Abrazo,



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