More Sailing Bits

The first two pictures show the sliding hatches primed and then with color coat. (Actually, photos are switched.)The next 3 are Lee board and Rudder with pivot holes filled in with epoxy and a bit of silica. I am also adding a 4 inch wide 6 ounce strip of fiberglass tape on each side of the Lee board, passing through the Pivot Point. It will also cause the major chord to be wider, improving the profile. I intended to put the 3.25 ounce cloth over the 4 ounce tape to completely cover the Lee board, but my epoxy pump failed, and I could not continue. Pump OK now so I will continue today.HatchesColoredHatchesPrimedLeeBoardnRudderLeeBoard4inchTapeRudderPivot

Rudder pivot hole filled. Note grain tear out on toe slot; should have used backing board, but tired old saber saw could barely handle the 1″ ply as it was!

Un Abrazo,



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