Probable Last Work for a While…

Tuesday Morning we go to Spain for a month! It has been 30 years since I left the island of Ibiza (link) and I am looking forward to my visit. But that means no work on D’Arcy Bryn. Even when we get back, we are off to North Carolina to look for a house in the Elizabeth City area and when bought, move all to NC. That includes 3 boats! So this report is the last for a while.  Click photos for larger versions…

Below are both drop boards in place. Son Sean keeps saying its just not right! Looks and slides way too well to be on one of my boats…  

IMG_20150321_110032098_HDR IMG_20150321_110104072

Above is the bevel cut into the mating edges of the top and bottom boards to prevent water entry.

Click HERE for a video of the drain holes and sliding of drop boards.  Also in back ground note size of cabin!

The holes are epoxy saturated and lined with a plastic tube embedded in the epoxy to prevent water/rot problems from drains.  There is still sanding and detail work to be done, as you can see, but this is a nice “high” to stop on!

Un Abrazo,



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  1. Nicholas Wrigley
    Mar 21, 2015 @ 16:14:24

    Hey Bill, I just flipped through the history of D’Arcy Bryn and l am impressed at the work and know of the dedication it takes to complete such a project. God luck with it mate and I hope I see her in the water some time!


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