Only 80 Sq in to go!

I only have an 8″ x 10″ spot left to do and the entire exterior ply on my D’Arcy Bryn will be done! I am waiting for son Paul to mail me my Sanding Devil back to do the sanding before filling and priming. ( I bought two of them and gave him one for Christmas, and MINE went to him for his birthday!  Memory is a wonderful thing…)


Yesterday I did this main cabin bulkhead and the aft side of the stern transom. On the the transom I used 8 oz cloth but just the light stuff for the bow. If you click to enlarge, you will see that I left too much epoxy on and have some runs. I’ll have to put a new edge on my cabinet scraper; more avoidable Work!


The Port side cockpit bulkhead ready to start with approximately sized cloth pinned in position to prime the wood with epoxy first and then lower cloth onto it and fill/squeegee it into place. Note the side and deck are already done.

IMG_20150212_132057884Here the port side is done and the starboard is side ready to go.


Both sides done and oscillating heater in place to hot box it under the tarp after I pull it back over the boat. Temps in the 20’s tonight!  You can see the little patch in the middle of the companionway bottom yet to do


I have not done this before. I rolled the boat back into the portable garage a bit off center and did my work inside. The winds are 15 to 30 gusting and this was MUCH better that the alternative! As long as I am working IN the boat, this is what I will do to ameliorate weather concerns.

  IMG_20150211_150541838 IMG_20150211_150508314_HDR

I also played around with this idea yesterday. Unlike this mockup, a FULLY fiddled shelf under the cabin top overhang with netting (shelf to cabin top) and a bungee closed access on the companion way end. Should keep quick access items onboard during a capsize. Still thinking…

While I await the arrival of the Devil, I will prep and install the 2 x 6 motor board on the stern. Then I can add the 2 x 4 posts for the rudder gudgeons and cut out the rest of the transom for the outboard. Think I will go check if I still have enough 2 x 6 to do that right now…

Un Abrazo,



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