2015 AR (After Retirement) ; Here we go again!

Here we go again! I am now retired and all impediments (excuses) have been removed, so I rolled out the D’Arcy Bryn, did some prep work, and started sheathing the cockpit with glass/epoxy.  The only trouble I have had in previous boats is plywood checking. This will stop that and all exterior surfaces will be sealed this way. This boat may have to last me a long time!

IMG_20150121_151305522Here is a shot of freshly applied glass/epoxy to cockpit deck showing leg cutout and 5 Gallon bucket lid hatch cutout. (As always, click on photos to enlarge; click on it again for largest version uploaded.)

IMG_20150121_151318102 IMG_20150121_151340085 These two are detail shots; note forward deck is not yet covered; cloth not wide enough. But I did the rest today, so the deck is complete now.

I would love to sail her in this years Texas 200, but I doubt I will have the time. I am returning to Ibiza, Spain, where I lived for 16 years till my return to USA in 1984. Rebecca has been back several times, but this will be my first visit in 30+ years! I am really looking forward to those 5 weeks in March/April. But that is 5 weeks of no building on the boat, which is why I doubt I will get her done for Texas.

But, I will try to do work every day I am here, and it will be interesting to see how far I get.

Un Abrazo,



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