A Five day Weekend!

Needless to say, I did not get 5 days worth of work done; 2 days it rained and the other slack was laziness!

But stuff did get done.  It did get sunny in between the rainy days and I had to break out the beach gear and assemble the boat palace…    Below


The rudder, head stock, and lee board got laminated and edge sanded; leeboard photo poor but I threw it in anyway; thats a BIG board….




Below is a detail of one of the slot-top beam rails. Note end stopped ply grain of cabin top.  Also 3 degree slope on rail top to help shed water under hatch.


I added two support braces under the 1/4″ cabin tops.


The front, narrower sliding hatch is shown mocked up below. That aluminum angle will be fully buried in the vertical slot.  It will run in a slot cut into the rail cut low enough down from here to let the 3/8 ply top just clear the rail top. You can see about how deep it will go into the rail with this shot.



Maybe the video will add some clarity…


The video below shows how I plan to finish off the fore hatch ply edge. This should slow down water entry a good bit

Below are several shots of both hatches laid in place to check clearances and mark up for cutting slots in the rails.  Note that the aft hatch goes OVER the fore hatch. The sliding rails for the fore hatch are on the INSIDE of the rails (as detailed above), while the the aft hatch sliders are on the OUTSIDE of the slot-top rails.

100_1228 100_1226 100_1224

Below you may be able to see better what I mean by inside and outside.  Aluminum parts are omitted in all photos except first photo at the  beginning.  Also note that the 1/4″ ply cabin tops are not glued to rails yet, so they sag for now. Ignore…

100_1229 100_1231

Below are the two rails with slots cut at proper positions.  At least I HOPE I got that right! We shall see if my method worked soon enough. (That crack will be epoxy filled soon.)



Worn out and going to bed.

Un Abrazo,





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