Cockpit shaping up!

I am hoping to have the cockpit sole installed by Monday evening; Lots to do first. Below are two detail shots of filler blocks bogged into place. These deck beams are also screwed into place at ends with two large 2.5″ screws as well as epoxied.



Two photos below show underside of cockpit sole with two coats of Kilz enamel with bare wood for the glue. Some of these areas will be extremely hard to reach after they are glued into place. Note 1×4 splice plate on aft (smaller) piece. Top will get a 2″ tape a well…

100_1172 100_1171

Splice detail…


Three photos below show (mostly) enclosed areas under cockpit sole; the center square only has one coat, not two like the others so I could stand there and paint the rest.  The hatch for legs will let me paint this area later…

100_1178-001 100_1179-001 100_1177-001Tomorrow I will Titebond III these on. When dry, I will Epoxy fillet/tape all the edges to waterproof everything; will also be very strong!


The shot below is a repeat to remind you of how these parts fit togather.




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