OK, OK; So NOT rollin’ right along!

I have done small bits of work off and on, mostly off, but have not updated these pages as so little progress has happened. But today I have a few pictures.  All that is Painted or primed has been glassed in 4 oz cloth, filled/faired to a work boat finish, and finished or primed twice.


Here is a rear quarter shot where you can see the finish with 2 prime coats.

    I plan on lightly sanding this later today and then putting on first color coat, same as bilge panel. Color is a very pale blue for the sides, and a dark blue for the wale. I have a “Luscious Red” for the trim and spars, like the bottom.



She is rolled back into the “shed” while I write this to help bake the paint dry.

Un Abrazo,




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