Some Bottom Paint…


I got busy with the belt sander and got the bottom and keelson ready for paint; and primed.


Image Another view. Note Sean working away in the background! WAAAAY ahead of me…



Now the whole bottom and bilges are primed and the bottom paint, a VERY light blue porch paint, has been applied.




I took these two inside the yellow tent and tried to color correct it to MAYBE the right hue.

One afternoon I leveled the boat on both axises, Set up a laser pointer to pass through the stern bilge/side joint (full load water line) and the bilge/side joint at midships. The pointer was on a leveled surface as well and I swiveled it from stern to bow as Sean marked a line in pencil. Then I laid down masking tape in a smooth curve and added some “Lucious Red” to that “Sea Sprite” bottom paint. I have a darker blue to add to this scheme later. Off to Home Depot!


ImageAlso corrected.


It is not perfect, but when in the water, I think it will be fine. Only took about an hour or less to set up. I marked the other side by measuring down from bottom/bilge to the paint line every 12″ and applied tape in a smooth curve. Hard to see both sides at once except at the bow and I eyeballed that part more carefully.


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  1. Darryl
    May 20, 2012 @ 22:55:58

    Tick-Tock,Tick-Tock goes the countdown clock. It won’t be long before she’s a sailing and Mr Bill will be a yelling>> Having fun on the water , in honor of my Granddaughter..
    Looking good Bill!


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