Bottom Glassing Adventures

So, Sunday morning I found the tape edges cured well enough to use the scraper on to get most of what I wanted off, but not hard enough to sand for final smoothing. Consequently I waited a couple of hours and then finished prepwork.  I laid out the cloth I got for the bottom and found, as I suspected, that it would not span bilge panel to bilge panel. I decided to just paint it on as is and fill in the voids later.

You can best see the line in this shot (and even better in the video to come); I had used a marker to make dashes on the wood for alignment, and you can distinguish the darker color of the epoxied cloth.


All four of these stills are taken after all is done. As you can see, the 6ox cloth comes down to cover the entire bow/vee/bilge panel and covers the stem as well. I had to cut a slit right up the vee of the bow to make the cloth lie flat. This also enabled me to over-lap the vee’d edge with 2 layers of cloth, but its only by about 1/2″; still, that cut-water has 4 layers of glass on the outside and two on the inside. I think I can bump into a few things with too much worry!


Here is the flat bottom all done. I squeegeed in the epoxy onto and through the dry cloth. When done, all the slightly “dry” spots showed up nicely whitened. I then mixed up new batches of epoxy with a small fistful of wood flour to give it a hint of body and applied that as a second coat. Weave is nicely filled and no white left.

Here is the video with (obviously) unrehearsed commentary!




Now, a short tale of woe…

I was tired and went to bed very early, about 8:30 pm. At 12:30 AM I got a telemarketer text on my phone that woke me up. Yes, I am on the no call list for what it is worth. I could not sleep after that and started reading to go back under.  The book was too good and I was still reading at 2:30 AM when I thought I heard rain! No way, the forecast was clear, (I had checked to make sure I could keep the boat uncovered and avoid a permanently epoxied on silver tarp!), but I cracked a window to make sure. Well, CRAP, it was starting to sprinkle heavily; so down the stairs I ran, sans glasses, bare foot, but at least wearing boxers, to protect my boat! My apologies for the image!

So out onto the patio I rush, grab a painters plastic drop cloth I believe will not stick to partially cured epoxie, and struggle to get it on while the rain gets heavier. Too small! so on goes the silver tarp on top of that. While running back and forth from patio side to lawn side of the boat, barefoot, (remember, we have two dogs and a cat that use that back yard!), I see a blur coming out of the sliding door and going under one of the three boats out there. It is Chekov, the indoor cat who loves to sneak outside when he can and challenge Darwin to a duel!

You can’t catch him, all you can do is try to outflank him and herd him back towards the sliding door.

That’s right, herding cats at 2:40 AM, in the rain, in boxers, half blind with no glasses, and barefoot in a dog laced minefield of a back yard.!

With some colorful verbage of encouragement from me, Chekov finally deigned to re-entered the house. After some careful foot/toe cleaning, I got back to bed, but sleep was not to be for some time to come.

Boat building can be fraught with unexpected “adventures”!

Un Abrazo,





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathleen
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 01:41:21

    I was going to ask where the good part of the story was about Chekov running amuck but I saw your previous post! Hahahahhaa!


  2. perrymoffitt
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 14:22:17

    That is a tale of woe, indeed. I can hear Paul singing “ole’ man moffitt, no one understands his sorrows”


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