Two Times Tapeing D’ArcyBryn’s Bottom

Last weekend I got up early, made myself a Buen Cafe’ (coffee with Brandy!), and uncovered D’Arcy Bryn to try and get the entire bottom taped and glass cloth covered  by Sunday evening. I really needed to get this done before the weather turns in earnest so it will be protected for the winter by glass/epoxy in case I spring a leak.

TOO LATE! the flat bottom is wet in several places where the heavy duty silver tarp has been weakened by the Georgia summer sun and water has seeped through.  Not a lot, but too damp to apply epoxy. But I can tape the edges as they are not wet and I remove the canopies to let the bottom heat up and dry out for both weekend days.

Here you can see the weave fill and both layers of tape. All exterior taping is specified as double layers. Note the staggered application to spread the mechanical loads over a wider area AND to make feathering/smoothing easier.

This photo shows the thick, 1″, bottom laminated from 2 x 1/2″ sheets of ply. I have centered the tapes on the bottom to bilge joint line, ignoring the thick bottom edge.

Here we have the bottom to stern transom joint.

And to finish off last weekend here is my usual walk-around of work done.


Now lets go on to this weekend, Saturday the 22nd.

Bow, bilge, and bottom tapeing done.


Stern transom, bottom, and bilges taped up, two layers.


You can see how the feathering of the top tapes is facilitated using a cabinet scraper. I leave some small ridges to finish out with epoxy and glass bubbles just to make sure I don’t take off too much and weaken the joint!



And the ubiquitous video!

Lets see what I can get done tomorrow…


Un Abrazo,





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