Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday, Saturday, I got the coamings and cleats glued on, then worked on my anchoring details. The bow triangle compartment is open and serves as the anchor well.

I decided that I would through bolt an anchor cleat on a small triangular pad at the front of the well. I used a power planer and belt sander to make it nice and flat. There will be a 3/4″ doubler under the top 3/4′ pad to add strength.



Here is a short video showing something of my intentions.




That diamond shaped hole is now filled with thickened epoxy. Lets move on to Sunday.


Having failed to think it through, nor to read the instructions, I promptly removed the temporaty form from the middle of the cabin. Here it sits, leaning insolently on the tree house ladder waiting for me to realize I have to put it back in!


Meanwhile, I did a trial fit of those 1/4″ cap strips for the Cockpit coaming. They are going to work nicely.

I won’t glue them on till I turn her back upright when the bottom is done. 



I had my boating friend Mike (he is 6′; taller than I am) lie down in the cabin. His feet are several inches away from the end of the tunnel, so you can see there is plenty of room!


Finally, here is a walk around showing how she looks so far.






Un Abrazo,














1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Raul Ramos
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 22:29:08

    I like the boat building, where can I place my order?


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