Cleats and Trim

With a Friday off, I figured I could get a lot done on the D’Arcy Bryn this weekend.  But I contracted a cold and feel pretty badly, so we will just see what I can manage. The deck cleat for the cabin top is spec’t at 1″x3/4″ with the top to overlap the side and cleat. I have more trouble with plywood edges than anything else where upkeep is concerned, so I added a rabbited edge to Jim’s cleat to bury the ply end-grain.

Here you can see the notch for the plywood top running off to the stern..  I will round that sharp  edge over once the cabin top is on. Most of those screws will be removed and filled; the vertical edge will be filled/rounded/taped.

This shot shows what I mean a bit better.

Overview of Cabin top cleat glued up.

The cockpit combing poses an additional problem. Besides the need to cap the Plywood edges, I needed to bend them into a pretty curve. No way a 1″x3/4″ pine strip is going to take that curve! Lamination is an obvious choice, but rather “fiddly” for my level of patience.

Here is the curve I am talking about and the piece I made offered up for a trial fit. It measures 3/4″ x 3/4″ square.

Yes, I cheated. Here is a shot of what was once a 1×8 board and how I got my cockpit combings out of it.

I know, I know, short grain weakness and all that, but once this is glued onto the plywood, and THEN both are capped by a 1″ x1/4″ strip on top to give the full spec’t dimension and seal the ply edge, I think it will be at least as strong as Jim intended.


This shot makes it easy to see how that cap strip will sit on top and do its job.

Once I get these 4 pieces in, I can remove the temporary forms, tape and fillet the last bits of the hull interior, and then flip her over and start on the bottom work!

Un Abrazo,



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  1. Hilbert Gorte
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 04:34:05

    Good day Bill .
    just want to let you know I am enjoying every bit of this blog.
    greetings Hilbert Netherlands.


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