Another Three Weeks

Three weeks have gone by with no progress other than splicing the two first (inner)wale layers. I got started this AM cleaning and sanding the forward two bays. The curve of the sides meant I had to fabricate some filler “arcs” Above photo shows the space to fill where the 3/8″ bilge panels adopted a curve while being tortured. Bulkhead was drawn with a strait edge. I inserted the “arcs” to help show the gap

These are the “arcs” I made to fill in the spaces. Since they will be bedded in filleting epoxy paste, the fit is not critical.

Here are the filler arcs fitted. Good thing the fit is not critical!

Taped up! The Brace is needed because the pressure of the bilge panels on the “V” of BH1.5 was curving the point of the “V” towards the stern.

That completes the inside taping for the basic hull except for the Vertex of the bottom/bilge/bulkhead detailed below.I have removed the vertical post at the top of the photo, but have not yet done the taping where all those seams meet. I also need to do the short sections after removing the temporary form also shown in the photo; but that has to await the wales and trim..


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