Finally got something done!

After three weekends in a row on call, I finally got a weekend to work on the boat….not!  Turns out I had to spend a day re-doing all the bathroom fixtures I had chosen a few years ago as a surprise for Rebecca.  So I ripped out all the expensive brass fixtures and fittings and installed cheap chrome ones.  I still don’t understand it….

Anyway, I did get a day to start working on the boat.  This is this morning’s offering. 

Preping for aft compartment taping.



Aft Compartment taped




Yeah, I know, not too impressive, but it has been a while since I did this work and it took time to get back into the swing of it; plus I got a late AM start. If it does not rain this PM I hope to get another compartment done, or more.

Un Abrazo,






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