Saturday Rain break

Photos to follow are from this AM and till it started to rain. Poor lighting as I had everything under the tent.

After I marked and cut the port bilge panel, except for the front 3 feet or so, I had to figure out a way get the previously installed bilge
cut to the centerline of the “V” bow.   I ended up clamping a straight wooden lathe to the bottom c/l mark and pulling it down to mark the panel. Seemed to do the trick.

Another view for clarification of method.

This is a shot of the totally stitched up hull as it began to rain.

In the previous photo and this one, you can see some of the methods I used to try and tame that 3/8″ ply. In the end, I have decided to add a thin crescent of ply to the Bulkhead 1.5 and allow the curve I showed in a previous post.  I can’t see the harm, and the hull “looks” fair to me. In a photo to come you can see a slight split/de-lamination from the strain even with the curve.

I was able to finish marking the Port bilge after that and got it all fitted and stitched in.  Note that the bow joint is actually a half-lap instead of a corner to corner/bevel.  It just turned out that way and I decided ti keep it though a very slight distortion may be there.

The final product shown to it best advantage.  That plate on the left is to force tht bilge to conform to the shape of the hull. Plastic to prevent it sticking as I tape up the inside.  I have a wood post I added on the bulkhead where the 2 bilges and the bottom meet.  I simply had to have screws to pull those bilges down to the shape.  I won’t be able to tape up inside at that spot, but after the outside is done I will remove it and finish taping.

Un Abrazo,



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