Sunday, March 28th

This post may be a bit longer than most of my others.  It is difficult to justify idiocy!    (As always, click pictures to see enlarged.)

I have done nothing but boil a triangle of plywood, several hours a day,  since last Monday.  Because…

When I bought the 4 sheets of ply to start my build, I had not yet had the operation on my reading eye, so when I tried to find the Plytanium exterior ply at Home Depot that I always use, I could not read the labels; they were too high. (I needed to be within 3″ to read it!) So I asked someone to help me find it. Which he did, and I selected 4 sheets, went home and had a grand ol’ time building a boat.

After I got all the bulkheads built and framed, I had the operation. Wow-I can see the computer screen from 18″ away, read a book, see the plans; don’t know how I got along before it..happy man!

But I made a mistake. First time I have laid out a bulkhead wrong in 6 boats, and no, it wasn’t because I couldn’t see well. I just plain miss measured. Of course it was on BH3, the forward cabin BH that carries the tabernacle and mast loads. I had framing and one 2×6 glued and screwed and ring-nailed when an email from Jim MIchalak triggered a check and  I realized my mistake.

No option but to remake the whole thing. So off I go to Home Depot, use my new eye to find the Plytanium, and knew right away that I got the wrong ply the first batch. It was CDX sheathing, not exterior siding! I was seriously bummed out thinking I would have to throw out all that work and material. But Chuck L. suggested I boil it a while first, which I did, and have decided to carry on building. BH3 will be new ply, and I will FG cloth/epoxy the Transom and BH8.5 to prevent them getting wet repeatedly. This is a trailer sailor after all, and if I don’t let water in while storing (hasn’t happened in 12 years) all will be well.


So, on to something actually interesting (?)

Here is the transom. I have kept it full height for now till I determine if my rudder needs to be offset for the OB motor. It was not necessary on Embers Watch, but I suspect it will need a bit more room on Saeta so I will leave this option open for now.

Note angled cut on deck cleat-transom is angled back for mizzen mast and motor.

Here is a shot of the two BH3s. The one on the left is the old/wrong one and the right side is the new/good one.

Obvious they don’t match. Idiot!

And finally a close-up of BH3 as it should be; viewed from the inside of the cabin.

(Yes, I did get those glue drips up before they dried.)

Un Abrazo,



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. claudio
    May 11, 2010 @ 08:15:53

    olá! bom boa tarde. onde conseguio o projeto?


  2. Art
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 00:35:05


    I liked your boat and loved to watch the vids of Embers watch. I was wondering how long it took you to build Mikesboat and did you use Home Depot ply for the whole thing? Did you have to glass all exposed areas? Also I have been searching and thinking of a design to build for myself. Something simple (ish) and enough room to hold up to 4 people two adults two kids. Plus be able to haul with a small car. I like the double enders but I really like Mikesboat’s huge cockpit. How long is the boat with the trailer hitch in front? 19 or 20 feet?

    Also this would be my first build I am fairly handy and was wondering how much time it took you to build this boat and any thoughts on how much excluding sails to put something like this together is?

    I thought it was funny that you got 200 bucks from your wife for pocket money. I actually had two hundred my wife let me have this weekend. Thats why I have some of these questions I have to come up with good selling points for my wife. smile.

    Ok well have a nice week and I hope one day I can also sail on some of these raids. I love that sort of thing.

    Oh yea I live in central floirda on the east side of Orlando. Quite close to the intracoastal and St. Johns river and lakes in this area.

    Good Day



    • moffitt1
      Feb 05, 2011 @ 19:03:55

      This is so over due it is shameful. Somehow I never saw this post. In an effort to assuage my guilt I will answer now!

      I did use Home Depot ply for everything. And yes, it has checked as expected! I had to sand down some areas and re paint for the 2010 trip with Chuck Lienweber.
      I stepped off the length and got 22″.

      It took me about 4 months of work for everything, as you read on my blog to get ready for the Texas 200.

      You live in a great area for sailing. If it is not too late, consider the Family Skiff, or OliveOyl from Michalak as well. A lot less work, but perhaps adaquate for your needs.
      Again, sorry for the late reply.
      Un Abrazo,


  3. Kelly
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 18:12:10

    Hi There,

    Just wondering if you know if your son will be holding the OBX130 again this year – I heard it may be every other year ie not until 2012 – just wanted to check.

    Considering a trip down to that area this year either on my own or may hook up with this trip if it’s on – sounded like you guys had a good time.

    BTW how’s your new boat coming along – I followed your Ember’s Watch build all the way through – looks great!



    • moffitt1
      Feb 05, 2011 @ 18:51:33

      Hello Kelly,
      No, Due to a new daughter, The OBX130 is on hold for 2011. Unless you want to host it this year!!!
      It is a fabulous area for cruising around; you will thoroughly enjoy it!

      Embers Watch is under cover on the back patio. Thanks for the compliments. The D’Arcy Bryn has new life, as I have received $200+ to buy some more plywood to continue.
      Looking forward to a leisurely build this time!

      What are you sailing at this time?

      Un Abrazo,


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