Saturday, March 20th

Futzed around on the computer and started late at noon. Finished most of Bulk Head 8.5, the main cabin BH dividing the cabin and cockpit. Came in for a break at 2:45pm. Here is a shot of the BH looking aft, out of the cabin.Part of BH is below table top.     (Click to see large.)

I still have three more pieces of wood to add.

Here another view of BH8.5-Note Moaning Chair in background. As a Pro moaner, mine has TWO drink holders as is right and proper!

More this PM-

OK, got that one done and most of Transom. No pictures of transom as I ran out of light and want to get the motor board on first. Here is a shot of the “finished” BH8.5.

This is from Inside cabin looking aft. The hat and drill are for scale. You can see the cutout for my legs and feet; it will extend back 2′ .

Here an angled shot from the cockpit looking into cabin. 2×2 is deck cleat/level. Cockpit will need + 5.5″ of water to enter cabin without washboard!

And here is my first known error! I failed to flip the BH over when I laid out the vertical posts of the leg cutout. They should have been on cabin side of BH (shown above), not cockpit side. I already had ring nails in, so I just added a frame member to carry the loads though from companionway to floor.  OOPS! (No. 1)

Un Abrazo,



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