Friday March 19th

The Picnic table-on its FIFTH boat!

(As always, click pictures to see full size!)

I had another eye surgery yesterday, cataracts, and took 2 days off work to recuperate.  Might as well build a boat! Unfortunately, my close eye was the one done this time, and it is still blurred from the surgery, so reading plans and tape measures is an iffy thing and time consuming. I got started about 2:30pm and stopped about 7pm.  Not going too hard, and watching out for stuff getting into my eyes. (Safety glasses plus goggles when cutting.) All I got done were framing 3 Bulk Heads and sanding/1/4″ corner rounding of 1 edge on my 1×2 framing sticks-80′ worth.

Its a start. I failed to note on the plans that BH 10 and 12 have extended sides and cross pieces to help hold the cockpit sides in shape till wales and trim are installed. This to minimize spring-back when they are removed.  I will probably end up short.

This is BH1.5-the first one after the Stem.

Note the overhang of the 1×2 past the edges of the plywood. Jim gives this dimension in all his plans where needed to allow the angle to be cut to match the side perfectly.  You can pre cut this angle and then install onto Ply. I have found it easier to cut the angle on the table saw after-wards.

Here is the aft facing side of BH1.5.In all cases, the ply edges without the 1x2s is filleted/taped to the side/bilge/bottom. Wood-welding!

Below is BH12. I was slowed by the need to build the shape in open air above the 3/8″ ply. Had to get everything centered and at the right height, etc. Picture shows the process I devised.The extra long “ears “sticking up are evidence of my inability to see small numbers-I’ll cut them off later.

In all these photos, the crossbar represents the height of the cockpit sides. As you can see, I will be well protected. Perhaps the main attribute of Jim’s design is it’s ability to take care of me in all aspects. The angle of the flair can now be seen as the comfortable back rest it was meant to be.

Next up is BH10. This is the first one aft of the Cabin BH. The two vertical braces that touch the bottom are for the sides of the tunnel where my feet go when sleeping. About 28″ wide and two feet long and plenty big enough to be comfortable. I may be able to roll/stow my entire bed/pad/sheets/etc in there and keep them out of harms way and protected, yet quickly deployed when needed. Such luxury!

Here is a view of the other side.

Not much progress today, but perhaps tomorrow, Saturday, I will get the rest done. BH3 has major framing as it carries the loads of the mast/tabernacle system. I don’t have tabernacle details yet, so will have to add that later.

Un Abrazo,



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  1. bob
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 16:57:32

    hi, bill it looks good its too big a job for a old mam like me


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