Here we go again!

Well, I have started the build of the Jim Michalak (who else!) design drawn up for me. It is a single man, self righting cabin cruiser of 15′ length. Though capable of carrying several people for day sailing, the intent was to produce a small, capable, safe, one-man, sheltered-water cruiser with comfortable accommodations for one.

You can read more about Saeta here and here and here. The last one may be sufficient if you are pressed for time. Below is a drawing from Michalak.

Saeta will use the same sails as my Mikesboat, Embers Watch,  and will be that much less to build. Rebecca is gone for about a month (first grand-child on the way!) and left me $200 “walking-around-money”.  Translation-“Time to start building!”

I went to Home Depot and spent $109 for enough wood to cut out and frame all bulkheads and the transom. Laid out the parts last night and will start cutting shortly. As the plans I have are preliminary, I did find a couple of places where Jim did not trace the numbers from paper to the transparency, but I have emailed him and expect those soon.

This build is not like the last one. No currently anticipated dead line. I only plan to sail Embers Watch this year, so Saeta will hit the water in 2011 sometime. I Plan to update with pictures, as before, when the build progresses.

I would enjoy hearing from others what they think about this design.

Un Abrazo,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Darryl
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 14:55:32

    Looking forward to following this build out to fruition. Congratulations on the first grandchild. May the successes of the next generation be witnessed by both you and Rebecca … D>B


  2. moffitt1
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 15:33:59

    Thanks Darryl. I appreciate that very much!

    Un Abrazo,


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