Quick/Dirty Beach Shade for Florida 120

Below are three photos of some PVC+T fittings+rope and a 9’x9′ drawstring edged tarp configured to make a shady spot for the long afternoons and evenings on the Florida 120. No time for refinement-that will happen(if at all) on the actual trip.  Should give us some adjustable shade on the boat.  It could even be set up off the boat using 3 ropes to tie the “T” ends at 6′ apart and set up on the beach with a couple fo stakes for end stabilization.IMG_0364

Bow view-mast will replace center tie-down rope and others will slip a loop over bow cleat.  Currently “T” ends are simply held by spring tension of PVC pipe. Wind may dictate using spring clamps/rope loops to stabilize set=up.

IMG_0363Sides can be totally closed or adjusted for angle of sun and any breeze. Those 3 ropes go straight through from bow to stern and each hoop of PVC is tied off to it.

IMG_0365Boom/yard will be tied up as for night time tent setup using halyard and mizzen mast tie-off. Probably needs a lot of “tuning”, but we will have time for that each day I think.

Un Abrazo,



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Stan
    May 11, 2009 @ 12:26:40

    Looks like a functional setup. I can’t see how the PVC tubes are held at the base. Can you get a photo of that end and how it’s attached to the boat? Also, are the tubes slid into pockets on the tarp?



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