Late Post March 22nd-Launch Day


On the water- christened Patocks (Pronounced Patox.)


Rigging on the water.  Winds were 5 mph on the lake. Even less in the launch bay. Not ideal…


Trying to make headway- and he is.  I think Sean was disappointed at this point, but that would change later…


Finally sail starts to draw a bit.


Interesting contrast!

peacefullindustryLack of wind did allow this nice shot though.

reflect1Returning after first outing.  Sean was much happier with his efforts at this point.


Sharing the lake…

I drove back to Atlanta in his Contour and left Sean the truck for the boat. He was able to get a space at the club on the lake at a good price and left the boat there so he could launch and sail off the bank in 10 minutes.

Keep scrolling down to see yesterday’s prep for today’s launch.



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