First of 3 new posts from March21 onward

Sean has been sailing several times since the launch (see below) and has had 5 plus knots on the GPS many times! He has mostly sailed with 2 on board (college buddies want to sail with him). But the second time he went out he concluded with a capsize test in deep enough water to not stand.  Here are some photos.


Over she goes!

bottomviewBottom shot shows how high Patocks floats.

closecapsizehatchesNote hatch to water clearence-Sean made proper hatch covers with drains, so little will be able to get in…

waterinsideWater left inside upon uprighting. A fair bit in there…

gettingaboardStern Mount… no wait,- Getting on board from the rear…  wait, Coming aboard from the Backside…..  there is no good way to phrase this-see picture!


beginbailBeginning to bail.  Bigger bucket in the works… Note boat still floats with some free board.

Much was gleaned from this exercise.  Sean will make changes as needed and be more confident as a result.

Scroll down to next 2 posts to see Saturday Prep, and Launch Day posts.



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  1. Mike Bellows
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 04:18:58

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and experiences of the Pickup. Makes me want one. Photos of Sean should bring lots of offers for dates, perhaps even marriage proposals. Probably more for Sean than for the boat.



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