Sunday, February 15th

Sean sent some great photos this evening!  Though I do wish he would send a higher resolution; I can’t see his mistakes on these…mastshapeingInitial shape of the mast. Octagonal shape is at top tip only-lower portion is square.  Hope the cross section is enough for the 70 sqft sail…



Inside of hull primed. Looks like a boat more and more.


paintingbottomHe gets along with a little help from his friends,,,   Bottom and sides primed.


bottomhullpaintBottom shot complete…


painted-partsShowing off primed parts.


I will try to get Sean to weigh all this to get a hull weight for reference.  Good work Sean!

Un Abrazo,



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  1. Stan Roberts
    Feb 16, 2009 @ 14:06:26

    Good job Sean!! I hope you enjoy the sailing P.S. as much as I enjoy sailing the Piccup Pram. I don’t understand the beveled stern boards, is that a new type of rudder fixture? I sure wish I had installed bilge runners like you have, it would have saved a lot of wear on the bottom. We are all looking forward to some nice photos of the OBX130 some day. From my own Pram experiences let me suggest either two reef points or the cheaper alternative, one very deep set of reef points, it will make you feel a lot more comfortable out in the big waters. Also a fabric spray hood will be needed when you beat to windward in any kind of a chop and will save a lot of bailing then. Don’t forget to tie your bailing bucket to the boat and have a very large sponge inside the bucket (I usually bungee my bucket to the forward bulkhead and use it for all purpose storage of water bottle, sponge, sunscreen and everything I might need during the day. You have to have a large sponge to get the boat dry. If you choose to sleep aboard (preferable) instead of tenting, let me suggest a breathable fabric for the boom tent, like treated canvas, otherwise you will be wet from the condensation inside. A folding boom crutch is nice to allow sitting headroom under the tent.

    Have fun,



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