January 10th, 2009

At last something new to report!

Sean got a Polysails kit from Dave Grey (paid for by Santa Claus…) and we started today, Saturday.  Six hours later we have the sail with darts in, rope taped around edges, and dacron corner gussets and reef cringles cut and ready to sew. Tomorrow will see Sean sewing a lot!

Almost forgot to take pictures, but here are a few.


Laying out with a shaping dart detail.


Final stage of layout; trying to beat the rain coming in fast!


Tape on all-around and Sean cutting along outside ot tape.


Folding in the bolt rope. Dry-erase marker will be removed later…

Sunday we will sew…

Un Abrazo,

Bill and Sean


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ron Bennett
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 17:54:55

    Sean, Enjoyed your article posted on Duckworks, nice job on the boat. I noticed that you had said that hopefully next year there would be more tacking involved.

    I was a TX game warden working out of Port Mansfield for years, what you’ll probably experience is more of the same as far as wind direction. That was pretty typical of the area, generally SE wind, 10-18mph on average, sometimes a calm morning but picking up in the PM.

    Great natural area though as you commented on.

    I was intrigued with your addition of the mizzen on the Piccup Squared. Did it balance out correctly? I noticed that the main was at the designed location (it looks like). Building a Piccup Pram (w/bilged bottom). Many, many years ago I had built a Atkin cat-ketch (17′ “Aunty Helen”) and sailed those very same waters (70s), great area, fishing is outstanding.

    Just wanted to add my 2c but enjoyed your article, do it again!

    Ron Bennett
    Comfort, TX


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