A word of Thanks…

I wanted to make sure and thank all you hitters out there. When I started my Mikesboat build, I wanted to keep track of the time it took to build. I knew from past experience that I never seemed to write down the time at days end. So I thought to start a blog to see if that would work.

Well, it didn’t; I did note the time at first, but not for long. All I know is I bought plywood in November 2007 and sailed June 9th, 2008, one day before my 61st birthday.

In an aside, let me recommend celebrating a birthday at the Padre Island Yacht Club in Corpus Christi. We had had two successful days of sailing Embers Watch (my christened Mikesboat)

and one delightful night of camping. Foto by Chuck Leinweber

Thanks to the fine people of the PIYC, I got a hot shower, some air conditioning, a restock of beer and ice to supplement my stock of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, and the fellowship of similarly demented boatnuts. And it was spent with my oldest son, Paul, long out of the nest and a great companion!

Sean, the one that went to China and India instead of Texas 200.

This blog gradually became a focal point of my build. Somehow, anything I accomplished out on the patio did not seem completed until I had documented it here online. Visitors here left a few comments, so I knew SOMEONE was reading this. The weather and work obligations put me way behind and it looked like I might not make it; but then I installed a “widget” on my blog.

This widget was a hit counter and displayed the total number of times someone visited my blog. I was shocked to see several thousand hits! Well, with that big an audience, I could not afford to fail and be shamed in front of such a multitude! So I persisted and finally made it, barely! Freshly on trailer and trying to determine rigging.

With you “hitters” out there urging me on, I wished to say “Thank You!” for the push. I don’t think I would have made it without you all.


Bill Moffitt

S/V Embers Watch 9740 hits at post time!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stan Kowalski
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 03:01:53

    Hi Bill. Your blog has been inspiring as well as entertaining! I hope you will continue to chronicle the Embers Watch saga. If memory serves most of the video and stills from the maiden voyage were of you reaching or running, I am curious how she did upwind. Will there be any modifications or adjustments resulting from your experiences on the trip? Again, thanks for the website, I check it most days.


  2. Chuck Leinweber
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 03:38:53

    Bill: as someone who has been posting on a website for 10 years, I can tell you that you are lucky if one in a thousand visitors makes a comment. You just have to have faith that folks appreciate what you are doing.


  3. moffitt1
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 20:15:27

    Chuck-Thanks for the encouragement.

    Stan-The only time we had ti go to windward was to get to Army hole on the fourth day. Seas were steep and rather large. At first we haa reef in as winds were 20 gusting over 30 mph. The reef was very sloppily tied in and not shaping well at all. Even so. I noted 100 to 105 degrees tack to tack. Not too god, but consider the conditions. Our Velocity Made Good was something like .9 knts on one tack and – something on the other.

    So we shook out the reef and our VMG went to about 2 and 2.9 knts. We sailed all the way across the bay to Army Hole. I did not note the angles for that time as we were pounding along nicely for the conditions.

    During the messabout. we got video taped by Shortypen pointed as high as a Sea Pearl 21 can go and we were loaded down with 4 people and camping gear. see

    That should answer your question. I have not qualms about going into the wind…
    Un Abrazo.
    S/V Embers Watch


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