Link to Larry’s site

Larry Whited was kind enough to lend me his 2.5hp outboard motor for the Texas 200. It has convinced me that I have to get one of my own! When I returned it to him, and while he had one up on me, he asked for a write up of the Texas 200.

Larry reminded me of his request yesterday (patient fellow that he is), so I finally wrote something down. It is not a complete report, but the basics are all there. His site also has some other actually good writing on it that I can recommend. Enjoy…

Un Abrazo,



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  1. Sisco
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 10:11:12

    bill, nothing like the threat of public humiliation for encouraging one to get to work. your blog was fun to turn to to see how you were getting on. i don’t know how you pulled it off and worked the hours you do at your paying job. when crunch time was nearing i had some doubts. i was impessed that you did it. i hope you inspired others to build their own boats. what’s next? john


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