5 Days to Go…

Don’t remember what I started with 14 hours ago…But went to Home Depot for “final” list. Got outdoor carpet for trailer. Got it too short too; will have to spend more for a proper sized piece. Boat building is expensive enough with adding stupidity into the mix!

Got the mizzen mast parts cut and laminated.

Later in the day I got the Sprit boom laminated.

I decided it was time to attact the rest of the trailer mods. This trailer has a capacity of 1050 lbs and has towed an enlarged Scram Pram from NY to Georgia without any modifications. Mods should make it better. Repacked bearings and added bearing buddies, added support members for belly sling, and removed fence post to get it into the back yard. New tires and wheels-old ones were 7 years old.

Put mast up to check all fits before final paint.

Installed Anchor Cleat with lead off angle.

Made boomkin and trial fitted.

Double rudder stop.

Dropping rudder hard crushes and jams;will try again…

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be the big push for making as much of the sails as possible.

This is the last major component. All kinds of things can go wrong…

I will keep ya’ll posted…



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