OK-Thursday May 29th!

Pressure is on. I cleared the table off and dumped the sail kit box out onto it.

Doesn’t sound like much, but check other pics for before shot- Took a while…

Max got 2nd coat of varnish on spars and sanded mainmast final time then rolled on a coat of red.

There is another shot of mast in the back ground below here.

One of my Router guide clamps slipped due to hurrying too much and this is the result! Crap!! This could have been a nice looking boat….and this is just one of many F-ups that I will blame on speed.

Here is a shot with 3 pallets in. Total gives 7 feet of length to sleep in though the cockpit is 8 feet long.

Complete sleep platform. Plates store under seats or in chambers.

Also started the rudder assembly and location of pintles, etc. No pics for now.



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