Saturday, May 24!!!

Ok, today was basically trailer mod day-stainless fabrication. I went to my brother Oscar’s house and we extended the trailer tongue 4 feet, added a new brace from platform to hitch, mounted/cut unistrut, fabricated 2 boomkin brackets in Stainless, mast head tang, mast partner plate (aluminum) , and this took 6 hours. Still have work on trailer to do at home…

Yesterday I suddenly realized that I had forgotten the skeg. So here it is…Did not notice that slight offset till the photo-Call it a design feature!!

Also got lead poured and faired into rudder…

Checked leeboard swing/pivot and got top mount glued in.

Too tired to go on; need to accomplish more tomorrow…



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  1. Paul Moffitt
    May 25, 2008 @ 05:35:45

    wow you got a lot done. I can see why your tired. How did you end up pouring the lead for the rudder? tried calling you yesterday but you must have been busy. I am in Athens safely. my hotel has a restuarant on the top floor with a view of the whole city including the parthonan(sp?). just had coffee staring at the city. well off to work.


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