Sunday, May 18th

Ok, so I started the weekend with an ambitious mental list of what I would like to get done by tonight. I succeeded with just about all of it. The seats and decks are ready to screw down and be done. I still have an outer drain ring of the hatch combings to do, but if I had to, I could sail as is. Yes, I am at that point.

For instance, I have not yet made up the mizzen mast. If I had to, I could do without it this trip. I still have to sew up the sails from the Sailrite kit. Rebecca will do that, but I feel sure I will have to help a good bit.

Continuing with my list, I got the leeboard pivot lower mount fabricated and glued up. Also got the top mount made and trial fitted, then epoxy coated all that end grain of the plywood.There was much priming and painting going on, almost all of it by my brother in law Max. Sure is nice…

Had to deal with rain showers 3 times. Much running around and covering stuff in great panic. Sun would be out again within 5 or 10 minutes. Pain in the sphincter!

Last project was to fabricate the mast partner and foot. Started layout and numbers didn’t add up. That is when I realized that the sail plan change I requested from Jim has a different sized mast and I didn’t have new drawings for the partner and footing. Emailed Jim Michalak this afternoon, but it was too late to get a response. So I cut the slot in the tiller instead and then cleaned up some of the mess.

Enough! On to Pictures…

Lee board bottom Pivot glued up. I used the measure of 2 sticks, bow and stern, strech a string, and mark, method. The slight angle to the wale surprised me; I thought it would be more symmetrical.

A couple of shots with rough draft of upper lee board, no slot.

Here is a shot of Upper Lee board mount fabricated. More to this than meets the eye. Rather slow going…

Slot routed in. Angles on top and bottom are the same.

By the way, depending how your resolution is set on your computer, you can click on a full size picture and get an even larger view with lines and edge distortion gone. Much nicer to the eyes… cursor usually shows a magnifying glass…

Elevator technicians get Memorial day off, so next weekend is a three day affair. I should have the boat flipped by then and finishing the bottom while Rebecca begins the sails. It is coming together, but boy ,is it close.


P.S. Come on guys, comments are welcome. With over 4,500 hits I would expect more than the few I have gotten. At least point out how you wouuld have done something differently!!! WPM


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SailorJohn
    May 19, 2008 @ 10:16:02

    Bill I don’t know how i would do it differently. I’m using your experiance as my tutorial! Has a name come to you for her yet?


  2. moffitt1
    May 19, 2008 @ 10:31:00

    Thank you John for the comment; No, No Name yet. Chasing around a few ideas, but nothing grabs me so far. Least of my worried and all that.


  3. Chuck Leinweber
    May 19, 2008 @ 14:18:21

    Bill: Having done several Michalak leeboards I throughly understand why they take so long. But they are more than worth the effort in the way that they function. To me they are far superior to any other method of inducing lateral resistance. The only drawback is a bit more friction from the turbulence but if you are not racing, who cares?


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