Tuesday, May 6th

The cold hit me hard Sunday night and all day Monday. I did go to work, but defiantly did NOT make my money the old fashion way! Today I got up and did 35 minutes of my normal 45 minutes Treadmill Torture and felt better for it.

So this afternoon I got home late, 5:30pm, and got the microballones sanded down and then put on a coat of primer. Here are some photos.

Looks OK in stills, but I took this video to show how bad it really is.

Doesn’t look nearly so good now does it?!? But it will have to do. No time to spend a couple of days fairing/sanding/priming to get it right.



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  1. Sisco
    May 10, 2008 @ 10:00:20

    Bill. Looking good. Imperfections never show up until the first coat of primer.Those flaws can be covered very easy and quickly with DAP light weight spackle. good for above the waterline. It sands very easy and you won’t scuff through the primer. It shrinks quite a bit so you have to pile it on. Never mind that the tub says unpainted sufaces. Our favorite trick to hide those spots, is to use flat paint on the topsides for the first season. Next time you have to paint fill the flaws and fair it and it’s ready for some semigloss.


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