Friday, April 18th

Yesterday, Thursday, Gabby and I got the two full size sections plus the 3′ bow section of bottom covering done in 2 hrs 10 min. Practice helps! Total epoxy used to apply and fill weave was approximately 140 oz.  I toyed with the idea of splicing the keel board up first thing this afternoon, sanding and fairing the bottom, tomorrow morning putting on the keel board (if curing and rain permitted), then flipping over and starting the inside/topside work.

Instead, I decided to flip her over now and finish the bottom later. I know, wrong order. But I feel like I am 2 or 3 weeks behind now just trying to get the bottom done. So there it is.

Pic one is of motor well cut out for future outboard.Motorwell cut out

Pic 2 = Going Over

Over she goes!

Pic 3 cockpit with BH nine removed. Only seat support left.

Cockpit with extranrous parts of BH9 removed.

I decided to carry over the wales across the bow. Several reasons. Quite a bit of shaping left once the epoxy cures.

Wales carried over across bow. Much shaping to do here!


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