Saturday, March 22nd

OK, started at 10:30 AM, took a 1 hour lunch break, made a bourbon and coke at 8:20PM. I got both chine panels fitted. One was almost perfect after a couple of trim cuts with saw, but the other was not so good. Nothing over 1/4″ and only in a couple of short spots, but it will serve. Wired everything up, duct-taped it, flipped it, shortened saw horse legs so I can reach all seams easily, and she is ready to start fillet/tape/epoxy tomorrow.

dsc03685.jpgGood chine w/o wire-you will see 3 boards screwed to sides where 3/8″ ply had bulged over time. I elected to screw temporary boards to sides to bring them back to natural curve and will remove after inside seaming in cured.

dsc03686.jpgBow view all duct taped.

dsc03687.jpgStern view

dsc03689.jpgNote short saw-horses and ugly temp boards!

dsc03694.jpgInterior view of Bow.

dsc03696.jpgLow bow shot and lower bow-wow!

dsc03700.jpgAt 8′ by 5.5′ that is a big cockpit!

I hope to start the messy work tomorrow. I have never enjoyed taping and seaming. Somehow it always gets into my hair and mustache!

Un Abrazo,



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