Wednesday, March 19th

Well, it didn’t happen… The epoxy wasn’t cured rock hard, just pretty hard and I was too chicken to remove clamps to do the last wale. Did not want to risk any creep. Rainy and windy today and I am on call anyway, so no work except scooping out standing water on the tarp.

Paul, last son left to accompany me on the Texas 200 after Sean opted to stay in China a bit longer, has let me know that he will be working in Greece and Paris the days of June 9 etc., so I will be going it alone as of now. I do have a niece, Lauren, who built the prototype SLAM DINK with Sean, who is a good sailer, but she probably has a life too! I will check.


Slam Dink is the Orange one, WOOBO behind, a pirogue in front.

Lauren-prettier than the boats?


Un Abrazo,



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. perrymoffitt
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 18:29:28

    I bet Lauren would love a trip to texas. But maybe not the race part of it. How about Thomas?


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