Sunday, March 16th

Sunday, March16th; Friday night we had a tornado here in Atlanta, not close to me, but bad weather almost all day Saturday as well. About all I managed was to grind off epoxy and cloth from all 8 edges of broken bilge splices and re-splice one butt joint.

Then decided to use time left to start a pair of oars as proscribed by Michalak. Got parts cut out but don’t have enough clamps to do wales AND oars.dsc03656.jpgdsc03657.jpgdsc03658.jpg

My wife, Rebecca, took my good camera to Spain with her, so I am using my old one. You may note a difference in quality. I did get the port side wale first lamination glued, clamped, and bronze ring nailed onto hull. Used half fast/half slow hardener this time and will put black plastic over wale when sun hits it to cook it off. (added pic below)


Here is an experimental video with old camera to see if it is worth it.


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